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Celestial Cr3ations

Cowrie & Crystals Bracelet

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Cowrie shells have been used for centuries, they were once used as the worthiest form of currency 💰 They are representative of forceful protection, connected with the strength and power of the ocean 🌊 Furthermore, these shells are symbolic of life, as their design is similar to the portal of life that the woman possesses. Perfect for everyone but they are extra beneficial for those bearing child or trying to conceive as femininity, birth & fertility are aspects of them as well. Can be purchased with shells only or have crystals added. If adding crystals, a follow up email will be sent to discuss specific details.

• MUST HAVE EMAIL AVAILABLE FOR FOLLOW UP CORRESPONDENCE. If no email is given, it will be assumed that you would like an intuitive, random selection of crystals/gemstones chosen for your order.