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Celestial Cr3ations

Barefoot Sandals

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Foot jewels connecting from the toe to the ankle, bringing energies of your choice as you connect to Mother Earth 🌍💫💓 Grounding has the capability of removing low vibrational feelings such as anxiety, stress & trauma .. accompanied by gemstones/crystals allows these creations to take the flow of being one with yourself and source to the next level 🧘🏽‍♀️ as always, the optic satisfaction 🤩 is there making them a win win! Style, healing, and vibration raising all in one! Can be worn with certain shoes/sandals as well.

MUST HAVE EMAIL AVAILABLE FOR FOLLOW UP CORRESPONDENCE. If no email is given, it will be assumed that you would like an intuitive, random selection of colors/beads/crystals/gemstones chosen for your order. WILL NEED TO KNOW FOOT SIZE and ankle size (in inches)